about royalty ambulance

Royalty ambulance acknowledges the need for an ambulance provider that is committed to the delivery of compassionate and clinically superior patient during transport. Our mission is to provide adult and pediatric patients with professional caring transports while maintaining high standards that are compliant with regulatory agencies. We strive to meet this by being an exclusive ambulance provider while never compromising the safety of our patients or our crews.

By focusing our EFFORTS EXCLUSIVELY ON THE LOS ANGELES AREA, we are the best positioned to understand and service the needs of our community.

Our medical professionals have an unmatched understanding of both the personal and medical needs of their patients. Such an understanding cannot be thought, it comes from the heart. Whether from a local or long distance our team provides you royalty service.

Our one-stop approach to all medical transportation needs allows hospitals, nursing homes, the public, and other healthcare facilities to call our single dispatch center number for scheduling patient transportation. Our royalty representatives handle every request in a friendly, professional, and expedient manner. To ensure safe and efficient transportation, we provide accurate arrival time estimates for every request.

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